During the Consultation phase, the Project Coordinating Officer and Consultant will meet with customers to identify the specific needs for technology. It is within this phase that web'N'soft infotech will investigate the current business process and recognize areas that will benefit from the implementation of technology.
Once Consultation is complete the Analysis phase begins. With the knowledge gained during the investigation process, the Coordinating Officer and Consultant will meet with our Engineers, Developers and Technicians to construct a plan of functional, quality and architectural requirements. Once determined, a formal proposal or Statement of Work shall be created to encompass the entire system, including work to be done, a list of web'N'soft infotech personnel that will complete the job, timeframes, suggested equipment, and an implementation plan.
After web'N'soft infotech has constructed the system implementation agenda; the Coordinating Officer and Consultant will present the customer with the Statement of Work outlining the entire process. Signature of both parties is required on the Statement of Work signifying the acceptance and agreement of the implementation plan. During discussion and presentation, any changes can be made to the Statement of Work.
Design and Development
During the Design and Development phase, the web'N'soft infotech Engineers, Developers, and Technicians will create programs and introduce technology to expand the current business process. It is not our intention to change your procedure to enhance the usefulness of technology, instead web'N'soft infotech wants to introduce technology to enhance your procedure. This phase is critical because it is during this time that the actual system is created. Throughout the design and development phase, the Coordination Officer and Consultant will have close communication with the customer to ensure the system created is exactly to the requirements of the customer.
During the Integration phase, the actual program and technology system created will be implemented at the customer site. At this time, training will ensue, either on site or at the web'N'soft infotech Training Laboratory.
During the Completion phase, the Coordinating Officer and Consultant will again meet with the customer to ensure all needs have been met, training has occurred, and the customer is happy with the outcome. Any changes or additions to the system can be discussed and implemented during this phase. At this time, both parties, bringing the implementation of the system to a close, will sign the Certificate of Completion and Acceptance.
Continuing Service and Maintenance
The Continuing Service and Maintenance phase will create a partnership between web'N'soft infotech and the customer. It is during this phase, that the Coordinating Officer and Consultant, Engineers, Developers and Technicians will continue to monitor the implemented system to ensure it measures up to the original expectations and requirements. System service and maintenance will be performed to ensure the longevity of the system's life.
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