1. What is a Web site?
  2. Why do I need a Web site?
  3. What is a Domain Name?
  4. What is the different between going with a other provider and Web'N'soft infotech?
  5. What can a Web site do for me?
  6. What does web hosting and websites have to do with each other?
  7. Would it be wise to purchase second-level domains?
  8. Sample Web pages, flash presentations and logos.
  What is a Web site? Top
  In general, a web site is a place on the Internet that can be used to present something to the Internet audience. A website is only a tiny portion of the vast Internet; a global network connecting millions and decentralizing by design. With a website, you will be able to give present information about your company to your clients. A website is much like a book to be found in the largest library in the world. That is why it is important to make a website attractive so users would continue reading your website just like a book and their attention would be captured.
  Why do I need a Web site? Top
  A website is like a necessity in today's society. Millions of new users are connecting to the Internet from any part of the world at any time. People use the Web to do almost everything, including banking, shopping, and researching. Not only is it quick, convenient and easy, but it is always a changing environment. Newly updated sites always appear and there are always new things to explore on the Internet because of its comprehensiveness. A website is like a phone number, it is the first place people look before they do business with your company. If they don't find you, they will then find your competitors. A website could present vital company information to the prospective client. Almost everyone can be a competitor now, whether you are a multimillion dollar company or several hundred, visitors will base their judgment on the design of the website. Thus, there are endless opportunities on the Internet.
  What is a Domain Name? Top
  A domain name is an address on the Internet. It is the name people will remember when they want to go to your site. Like an address of someone's physical home, a domain name allows you to easily visit his or her location on the Internet. The best domain names to select are those that are easy to memorize, simple, and great sounding. Great domain names help contribute to increased site visitors and return rates of visitors.
  What is the different between going with a other provider and Web'N'soft infotech? Top
  It is essential that you host your site with a professional hosting company such as Web'N'soft infotech. By paying for services, you assure that your site remains available; that the server is maintained and upgraded when necessary. This is the only way to be independent and have complete control over the entire website. One pitfall for people trying to save money by using domain redirection is the lack of reliability. Domain redirection is when a site is hosted on a 3rd party server (such as Geocities) for free, and the domain is registered with a company that links the domain to the site hosted on the 3rd party server. This hides the real name of the site to lead people to believe it is hosted on a private server; however it can lead to unpleasant surprises with technical problems for which there is no source of support. It can effect the operation of email, complicate DNS resolution, and lead to issues with successfully indexing a website with search engines.
  What can a Web site do for me? Top
  A website is a presentation tool used by many people for a variety of useful tasks including:
  • Providing support to your clients by providing online chat support or online documentation.
  • Providing press releases about your company. The first place people usually expect that information (especially shareholders) would be from the company's website.
  • Selling products online to people around the world at any time of day. This can help increase your name recognition, while at the same time increasing sales with low overhead.
  • Receiving feedback and comments from your users. The easiest way for people to submit comments is through a website. No paper or postage is necessary.
  • To teach people over the Internet. The Internet is a great educational tool, allowing students to retrieve the latest information on their subjects of study. Students can work at their own pace and attend classes at any time with ease.
  What does web hosting and websites have to do with each other? Top
  Web hosting is required in order for websites to be put "live" on the Internet. Web hosting allows the website to exist on the World Wide Web. A computer that specializes in hosting stores the website so it can be accessed by any internet user during any time of the day. Web'N'soft infotech Hosting is an example of a great web hosting company that will make sure your website reamain accessible with 99% reliability and impressive throughput speed. Why go to other hosting companies who continuously have technical issues and slow to a crawl during peak hours of the day? Web'N'soft infotech is the perfect solution for painless hosting.
  Would it be wise to purchase second-level domains? Top
  Once you purchase a website, it is recommended that you purchase a second-level domain name without anything in front and behind it (with the exception of www.). This will become your permanent address on the Internet. If you don't like the way your page is hosted, you can always move them to another host at any time and the page addresses will remain the same. Thus, nothing will be different for your site visitors. Likewise, if you don't like how the domain registrar maintains the domain name for you, you can transfer the name to another registrar and nothing will change. Just remember that the domain remains your property as long as you pay the fee for the name to the registrar. Purchasing your domain along with your hosting from Web'N'soft infotech simplifies this process. You are not fully dependent on the company that provided you with the domain. If something happens to the domain registrar, you will lose all of your visitors and popularity because your pages will have the web address linking to a server that is no longer in existence. You would also have difficulty changing the DNS.

There are also companies who give free second-level domain names supported by mass advertisements, such as pop-up windows and banner ads. They own the domain, not you, thus they can change the rules whenever they want and claim ownership of the domain. With all these vaiables in mind, it is best to pay a moderate amount and get a domain name of your own with your hosting. It is more affordable than ever and it will make your life so much easier in the future.
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